It is with much regret that after nearly 60 years we announce the closer of the Helene Abicair College of Advanced Beauty [HRA Pty Ltd]

This was not our decision. It was a decision forced upon us by government policy.

The cessation of the VET FEE-HELP [VFH] student loan scheme for new enrolments in 2017, and the introduction of the new Vet Student Loan [VSL] program has made the college unviable. 

What is VSL? This is the new 2017 student loan program enacted by the current federal government and administrated by the Department of Education :

In summary it has allotted maximum loan limits on certain previously eligible VFH courses. Under the VSL program a maximum $10,000 cap on loans for the Diploma of Beauty Therapy was set, meaning the maximum loan that would be extended to eligible students for this course is $10,000.

Further the new administrative elements of both VFH and VSL place a burden upon colleges that will impact our ability to both plan for the future delivery of education, and allot resources where they can best benefit the student.

Our teachers and managers were some of the best in the industry, and had an amazing commitment to your education, however under the VSL loan program our students would need to pay approx. $13,000 out of pocket gap fees to cover what VSL doesn’t, and the new policy would have forced an approx. 55% cut in course fees upon the college, making the delivery of quality education impossible.

We don’t believe students’ have either the capacity or willingness to pay a $13,000 out of pocket gap fee to cover the shortfall the in the VSL program’s maximum $10,000 cap on loans for the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, and likewise we don’t believe skilled and committed staff would be prepared to take a 55% cut in wages, or student’s would be happy to receive a similar reductions  and cuts in resources or facilities.

Further we don’t believe that shifting the majority cost of education to the student improves the quality of outcomes for students and the future of the beauty industry, or allows students the time to focus on their studies. We find it implausible to believe that students will have the financial resources to both pay for the gap fee between the VSL schedule loan cap for Beauty Therapy and the real cost of delivering great education, and hold down part time employment to support themselves while studying, and somehow be able to commit to the rigorous level of studies demanded at the diploma level.

WHATS NEXT? Please refer to the sections below that are relevant to your course:

DIPLOMA OF BEAUTY THERAPY  [continuing students]

Firstly while the college would have liked to engaged with you personally, however the government mandated system requires that we follow specific steps.

Please read the following and make contact with the Australian Council of Private Education and Training [ACPET] as per their requirements. Visit

The college is a member of ACPET and they will advise you of your options that include continuing your studies under the ASTAS Tuition Assurance schemeVisit

ASTAS is a program for students where a college closes.  As ACPET administers the program they will advise you of your choices to continue your education and contact you directly.

ACPET have received your records showing the units of competency that you have completed, and you have been sent previously this month your statement of attainment if you had completed any units of competency

ACPET’s direct phone number (03) 9412 5900 - this is only for current enrolled Diploma students with studies that continue into 2017.


Whats next?

  • You have not been charged for any future studies
  • You should seek out another college that best meets your needs



  • We have posted to your address the certificate[s] for units you have completed.
  • You have not been charged you anymore than the value of the education delivered to the end of 2016.

Students with Completed Studies ending December 2017

Your diploma has been posted to you,  addressed to the most recent details the college had on file.

With the cessation of the college, all websites, email and phone communications have been disconnected and we are unable to correspond with you.

We wish you all the best with your future studies.

HRA Pty Ltd  [in Liquidation]